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What we bring to the table.

Our team specializes in all aspects of timelapse photography – it’s what we’re known for! You've likely seen our work on Netflix's House of Card's or Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.  We've shot for some of the best in Hollywood as well as worked with hundreds of small businesses across the globe.

We use the latest technology in both motion control and cameras to create stunning scenes that will leave your audiences in awe.

We're also capable of going anywhere in the world and have already visited and filmed in more than 50+ countries over the past 15 years.

Our work in TV/Film

6-Axis Motion Controlled

Utilize the power of motion to create stunning cinematic scenes that will help convey the passage of time beyond just a single stationary camera.

We’re capable of creating up to 6-axis of motion, including perspective, tilt, pan, zoom & iris control on up to 30ft+ of track/speedrail.

Elevate your production and take it to the next level by utilizing truly unique and cinematic moves in your timelapse!

House of Cards (2013-2019, Netflix) 

Multi-axis motion-controlled timelapse production shot over the course of 6 months in Washington, DC. More than 125 individual timelapse sequences were created to produce this title sequence. 

Stationary / Long-Term

Looking to capture an event from start to finish? No problem! Our long-term timelapse units can be used to facilitate shots over a few days or even a few years! There’s no time limit.

Ideal for conventions, equipment set-ups, construction jobs or festivals – we also offer the ability to view your timelapse LIVE as it’s filming!

Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths (2022, Netflix) 


Stationary 16-hour day-to-night setup utilizing a combination of 3-bracketed HDR 8k timelapse cameras and 32k VR timelapse plate for use with VFX LED studio.


Camera: Sony A7RIV + 12-24mm f/2.8 

VITEC: B&H Install 


5-day install of new product display inside of B&H Photo in New York City.


Camera: Sony A7RIII + 12-24mm f/2.8 

Westside Story (Disney, 2021)


21-day stationary timelapse capturing beautiful shadows across New York City for the credits/title sequence of Westside Story.


Camera: (4) Sony A7RIII + 5-set of Tokina Vista 8k Prime Cinema Lenses

Specialty / Hyperlapse

We’re here to facilitate any crazy ideas or dreams you might have that require timelapse. We’ve pioneered and lead the way in the development of multiple timelapse techniques through the use of multiple camera passes, VFX, and special in-camera techniques. Let’s push the boundaries!

Examples of our work

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