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Reaching New Heights

Our team is ready to fly for you!

Our licensed pilots and cinematographers will help take your story to new heights through the use of drone cinematography and photography. We’ll also handle all of the logistics in preparation for your shoot. You don’t have to worry about permitting or waivers! We take care of that so you can focus on what matters – the production!

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Washington, DC Airspace Ready

Flying drones in the DC airspace is a thrilling and exciting experience. With advancements in technology, drones have become more accessible and user-friendly, allowing anyone with a passion for flight to take to the skies. District 7 and VSI Aerial have taken the lead in this space, securing authorization to fly directly outside of the P-56 airspace, which is a restricted area for aircraft operation, inside of DC.

This authorization opens up a world of opportunities to explore and capture breathtaking aerial footage, conduct efficient inspections and survey work, and provide cinematic production services in a safe and controlled manner.

The skies above DC have never been more accessible and the possibilities are endless. By flying drones in this space, District 7 & VSI Aerial is pushing the boundaries of what is possible and setting an example for others to follow.

This authorization is a testament to their commitment to safety, innovation, and providing the highest quality services to their communities. Flying drones in the DC airspace is a unique and exciting opportunity, and with District 7 leading the way, the future of drone technology is sure to soar to new heights.

TV & Film ready

Our aerial team has worked with some of the top companies in the film and TV world, working for shows like Netflix's House of Cards, Starz's Gaslit, and numerous programs for Disney and Hulu.

Whether you're looking for epic cinematic scene setters or setting up a complex camera movement involving live-action talent we've got your back.

We're capable of filming on nearly any platform you'd like, utilizing M4/3 cameras, mirrorless such as the 8k Sony A1, or cinema like the Alexa Mini/LF, RED Komodo or even a Sony Venice 2. We have systems that fit any budget.

Corporate / Small Business Friendly

We don't just work in TV and Film. We pride ourselves in how we work with local companies and business to help promote their products and services in a fun and exciting way.

We've serviced more than a dozen local DC clients that were interested in aerial services in the district - bringing their project and production to life through the use of our aerial content.

There's no task to large or too small that we can't handle. From start to finish we'll take care of all the behind the scenes things like waivers, permits, insurance, law enforcement, and safety observers, giving you peace of mind during your production.

(Aerial Scenic Reel)

Aerial Production Rates

$ 1500 / Up to 4 Hours


Small UAV Aircraft (Mavic Pro 2 / Mavic Pro 3)

  • ProRes 422 10-Bit Color
  • Great for real-estate or corporate showings
  • Up to 5k Resolution
  • Operator & Safety Observer
  • Travel & Logistics NOT included
  • Waivers / Permits / LEO NOT Included
$ 5500 / Up to 6 Hours


Medium Sized UAV Aircraft (Inspire 2 w/ X7 or Sony Airpeak S1)

  • ProRes 422 10-Bit Color
  • Great for moderate budget TV & Film Productions
  • Up to 8k Resolution
  • Choice of cinema lenses
  • Choice of camera package (Sony A1, A7RV, A7SIII)
  • Operator & Safety Observer
  • Travel & Logistics NOT included
  • Waivers / Permits / LEO NOT Included
  • Custom Quote Required
$ 10000 / Up to 8 Hours


Large Scale UAV Aircraft (Alta X - 20-30lb Payload)

  • Up to 16-Bit RAW Color
  • Great for larger budget TV/Film
  • Up to 8k Resolution
  • Unlimited Camera Choice (Camera Rental NOT included)
  • Operator & Safety Observer
  • Travel & Logistics NOT included
  • Waivers / Permits / LEO NOT Included
  • Camera and Lens package NOT included
  • Custom Quote Required
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